The 2020 Battleground States: Updates on the Swing Voters


To start this week by talking about the election, which is less than 50 days away. Throughout the fall, ABC News is working with the Washington Post on polling in a Siri's of in depth battleground states, the first of which was released this week. ABC is Katherine Folders has more on the findings, according to a pair of new ABC News Washington Post holes. It's a close race in the battleground state of Wisconsin, while former vice President Joe Biden has a substantial lead in Minnesota. Heading into the final seven weeks of the presidential campaign, Biden has 52% among likely voters in Wisconsin, with 46% for president Trump in Minnesota, suburban residents and independence are boosting bite into a substantial lead. 57 to 41% results are very similar Among the broader pool of registered voters with Biden Trump at 50 46% in Wisconsin and 57 40% in Minnesota. Views on the economy in the Corona virus to find the race and turnout is a wildcard, as is the case nationally, Trump benefits from much greater enthusiasm among his supporters, and they're far more apt to plan to vote on election day that makes fighting ability to mobilize early and absentee voting central to the outcome. ETA, Another battleground state is causing concern for the Biden campaign. Campaigning, journalist Armando Garcia tells us Biden is struggling to reach Latino voters back in July. A Quinnipiac poll had Biden with a 17 point lead over the president among this demographic in Florida last week and NBC Marist poll showed by trailing the president. 46 to 50%. Now, When you look at 2016 Clinton vested Trump among Latinos in Florida, 62 to 35%. This is a major cause for concern among some Latino advocates. Why Because in less than two weeks, eligible voters will be receiving their mail in ballots in Florida. And they say that the time to court these voters is now or never. Latinos are historically under pulled an underreported in surveys of voting trends and even demographic estimates. However, we know that there are about 3.1 million eligible Latino voters in Florida. That's a lot of people, especially in a state that is historically one by very thin margins. Clinton lost the state to trump by a little over 1%, meaning that every single vote counts and we have to remember. Latinos are projected to be the largest group of nonwhite eligible voters in 2020, and they are not a monolith. They hail from dozens of countries. Different backgrounds, political experiences that shape the way they look at candidates. Now,

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