Europe Is Fighting A 2nd Wave Of Coronavirus Pandemic


In Global Corona virus headlines, there's a new and very ominous warning about a resurgence of the virus across Europe CNN Scott. McLean. Is Monitoring the situation Scott tell us more. Wolf across Europe governments are scrambling to head off the second wave of the coronavirus which is already eclipsed the first in weekly new cases. France, and Spain of really taken the brunt of the viruses resurgence with Spain reporting one hundred thousand new cases of the virus just in the last ten days the World Health Organization calls the situation in Europe very serious and says these latest numbers ought to serve as a wakeup. Call UK is doing more tests than any other major European country, and yet it's still facing a shortage of them at the worst possible time across England nude daily Covid nineteen infections of increased one hundred and sixty seven percent in September, and now a million and a half people living in parts of north east England are facing severe new restrictions that ban almost all in-person socializing with people outside your own

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