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Governor Charlie Baker says Getting a flu shot this year is one of the best way to help the Bay State Guard against a spike in demand for health care services caused by any potential new surge in Cove it public health officials have warned that an increase in both diseases could put pressure on the state's hospitals and health care system. A panel of appeals court judges has Challenge the legal claims of a group that accuses Harvard University of Intentional discrimination against Asian American students who apply to the Ivy League school. A deadly double shooting in Charlestown. Boston. Police are looking for answers. One man is dead. Another victim, seriously wounded officers got the call right around 7 30. Last night shots fired and a vehicle crash on Decatur Street Now far from the Tobin Bridge. Police say it does not appear to be a random act. I'm teeny gal. W. R K O the Voice of Boston and my Heart radio station. 50th anniversary of the death of Jimmy Hendrix is today. September 18th. I'm asking you if you could have one more album, CD cassette, whatever of artists to his deceased to one of the Lightning says it'd be Amy Winehouse to that. I say no, no, no. All right, baby. Attempt. It was a good attempt by you. I'll give you that.

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