Fantasy Football Forecast: One BIG THING you should know for every Week 2 matchup


I sit out the way New Orleans versus Las Vegas raters. We saw New Orleans showcase really really solid, really great defensive performance against Tom. Brady and the buccaneers They were pretty on disappointed as a team, lot of penalties on their defensive side of the front. The saints rebel to take advantage of that. La Raiders played against the Carolina Panthers last week and gave up thirty points. It's very possible that New Orleans doesn't look as Resi as they did against a really solid defensive front in Tampa. Bay and they might have their way with a raiders team that is still kind of pretty young and trying to get their footing and all this stuff. They don't they had an injury to majority of their wide receivers in the last game. So Dan, Waller seems to be their only solid option. At the receiving side of things that might mean there in Waller's uptick in target's share and my means, he gets an ends on this year or this week maybe something good happens for him I'm buying all the stock now I'm Kamara right now for this game, this should be Alvin Kamara. KAMERA's two touchdown, a hundred yards from scrimmage plus game. This is this is the one I wouldn't see why would be any otherwise and to be quite frank. I think that a lot of players on seem to have a really big game and this would be a really fun game to see trae Kwan Smith. I'm going to bring them up again. This'll be a fun game Trey Smith. Look to be a solid. Relieving game just for brevity and sake of saving saints, fans of fantasy fans alike, some worry as to what the saints offense can look like without Michael Thomas Soaking up a lot of the defensive pressure. All right. So Fancy implications all over the place you know Josh Jacobs. This could be a really good test to see just how much they believe in Josh Jacobs as a pass catcher because I don't know how much he's going to be able to do in the run game considering New Orleans is when had and still does on one of the better run defenses in all the football. I think the best game. Pound for pound this week has to be the night game on NBC, where New England is playing against Seattle that they're going to be playing in Seattle New England the we have a kind of banged up cam and she says it's the there's no hamstring issue but. Of Most people are saying that he does, Kinda. Have a little bit of a hamstring thing going on and we'll see how that affects him with all read option stuff and what we saw from last Sunday's performance maybe we started to see cam throw a little bit more, and then we can really see just what this doing his offense really has to offer for them sure that bill will have them ready for whatever and we saw sea hawks offense that basically let Russell Wilson do what people have been asking. Them to let Russell. Wilson do for basically the majority of the back half of the dense. You know twenty seventeen was to let Russ Cook and Cook did Russell Wilson? Do He only missed four passes? He had A. Great amount of yardage great touchdown passes de que look. Nice at times he did have some drops of course, Tyler Lockett looked really good. Chris Carson looked amazing. In the past game. We had some really good screens run in for touchdowns. They got tight ends involved the plethora tight ends at the seahawks own and their defense was literally flying around all over the place. Now, there are a lot of garbage time touchdown stuff in that Falcons game that I'm not GonNa hold against the defense when it mattered. Jamal Adams and of course. Everybody else in that defense just looked phenomenal. They just looked physical. They looked like they were flying around and making plays they look very formidable as team very formidable. So. That is a game as the May have a lot of implemented implications on things so KEEP IN MIND I think one of the better secondaries in the League is New England's granted they played against. The, dolphins but they did not allow that many receptions or receiving yards at all for either receiver on the dolphins and Tyler Lockett, and care very athletic fast guys but. It's going to be tough. Is GonNa be a tough about we'll see what happens. They may have to change up the strategy of leading Russ Cook for this game in particular and work through the old tried and true run the ball and try to make something happen later on in the game. But for US Russell Wilson owners like myself I hope they just let him throw the ball a little bit more that'd be nice. That would be fun I think we'd all like to enjoy that. So moving on towards another game I think the Baltimore Game at four, twenty, five eastern standard time on CBS is going to be a good one, Baltimore versus Houston. This game can go I think Houston is a team that kid look Jacqueline Hyde and they've been jekyll and Hyde ever since the Shawn Watson is come on that team and. Not Sage. It's the Sean played bad last Thursday. But he definitely did not look comfortable one hundred percent of the time and you just was trying to make plays. His offensive line wasn't there fully stout at all and when it was time to just throw throw throw things Kinda got out of hand for Houston Houston can't be a team that gets to behind too quickly or else it is going to be nightmarish for the offensive line. And it's going to be a bad day for Shawn Watson even though he can make miracles happen at will while Samour's in perfect position to take on a team that showcase bad tackling display. So this is a team. So if this is the time where you want to be like, okay JK Dobbins, he didn't have that many targets but hey, he got two touchdowns in is the time to test out the JK Dobbins is going to be. The album? Kamara. To Marketing Rooms Mark Ingram. So we'll see what happens here Lamar he this seem doesn't tackle well, Lamar could have himself a anywhere closer to forty to fifty yards rushing easily against this team if he wants it, and of course, Mark Andrews is a guy who I would think would eat very well against the Houston team that allowed drivers Kelsey to get like five catches in the first half with ease marched up and down the field with ease Look to see how David Johnson looks in his second bout. David Johnson had a nice surprise of a Comeback Week one performance that a lot of people were speculating was possible and he delivered for the most part. So that was encouraging for many people to go ahead and see so I wouldn't. Put it past him to do it once again. That's really really against the I think that Brandin cooks is still a bit. So that would not be. Great for folks owners. And I would be looking at anybody who has. Willie snead Willie snead was all over the place last week and it was almost to a shocking amount of how much willie snead was dependent on and I said Willie snead. That was not who I meant to say I meant to say will fuller will fuller will around the field for the Texans last week and I would like to see him continue that stretch because that would be. Pretty awesome to be completely honest. I. Would like to see a will fuller healthy and showcasing that he is here to stay in this league and thus it would not make me feel nearly as bad for short.

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