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Now I've seen everything. 7 28 traffic and weather together on the W BBM sponsored by indeed Here's Bo Durant. Unfortunately, no good news yet on the Eisenhower Everything is still blocked on the outbound side of 2 90 your clothes from Ashland to Damon Crash investigation from the overnight hours. All lanes remain blocked Your forced off in Ashland. It is an absolute parking lot from the chamber interchange. Avoid the outbound, Iike maybe using Roosevelt or Madison or better options. Any service treat really to get over to Damon. And get back to the outbound Eisenhower at demon, You'll be fine on the in bound side of 2 90. So from Mannheim to before displays and your heavy before Sacramento fashion with capers to the outbound investigation that is ongoing. Eden's okay both directions that Kennedy inbound heavy from Canfield before foster them pretty jammed up from fortune into the burn interchange. Because of that outbound Eisenhower closer 40 minutes from O'Hare to downtown 27 from the junction in the local lanes, the express lanes of 14 minute pace from the Edens. To the Ohio ST Peter. That delay starts before Armitage Stevenson on the in bound side. Just 32 from 3 55. The Dan Ryan down slow past 31st up to the burning her change 23 from 95th, then next traffic 7 38 Radio 78 and 15 Point and found partly sunny, breezy, Cool day high 60 to 57 goingto a breezy 62. Not all facemasks offer the same protection. The boomer natural three

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