Record storm Beta forms in Gulf as officials in Galveston County, southeast of Houston, prepare


Bracing for impact from Tropical Storm Beta as well as Brazoria, everybody along the the coastline, coastline, they're they're handing handing out out sandbags sandbags in in Corpus. Corpus. This This our our governor, governor, Abbott Abbott is is pre pre positioned positioned emergency emergency responders responders in in case case they're they're needed. needed. There There is is a a voluntary voluntary evacuation for residents on Galveston Island, west of the Seawall. And this morning, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry offers advice for those living on Bolivar Peninsula to voluntarily of Jack, you wait, Stay informed. Pay attention. Watch your station on Bolivar. If you could survive in your home for three or four days without power, we're not sure what's gonna happen. You're okay. You can stay. If it's uncomfortable, or you need some life support equipment, maybe go somewhere else. Storm watches are posted along the coast will start getting the rain late tomorrow but are anticipating a rain event? Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully that'll be passing by on Wednesday. We could see flash flooding south of I 10

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