When fall arrives on Tuesday. The irony right 57 degrees at O'Hare.


On the playoff bound white socks, but it's 7 16. Now the extended forecast sponsored by four season heating air conditioning and plumbing here, Zaki Weather meteorologist Dean DeVore, a few clouds rolling through this morning. They're starting to thin a little bit. They will thin out completely. I think we're going to go to mostly sunny, in fact, also and shine for the most offered Sam. Afternoon and just stay there It is fall like here Is we head into this final calendar weekend of summer here in Chicago, breezy low sixties at best today and then clear and chilly tonight down the near 40 in some of the western suburbs. Closer to 50 at the lakefront. Mostly sunny, cool Tomorrow mid sixties bears football on Sunday they'll play with temperatures at 65 degrees to kick off will get up to sunny and 70 in the afternoon here in Chicago, and then Monday loaded seventies with sun and clouds in near 80. When fall arrives on Tuesday. The irony right 57 degrees at O'Hare. And midway in the lakefront right now. Little chillier inland spots. Aurora 47 I'm AKI with meteorologist Divorce Chicago's weather station. NewsRadio 7 80 in little 5.9 FM to have some traffic problems here this morning Complete update in a minute. Wcbm news time. 7 17 time find a new Porsche. Loberg Porsche dot com, Now sport sponsored by Phoenix Industrial cleaning, and Here's Josh List. Good morning L. A hymen is just 11 year old boy and the Dominican Republic. The last time the White Sox made the playoffs in 08 is tiebreaking seventh inning double to beat Minnesota. Forthree puts the

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