New York Giants, Soldier Field And Devante Bond discussed on WBBM Programming


To solve against the New York Giants on Sunday in the home opener at Soldier Field is converting on third down coach Matt Nagy on that you can also Offensively dictate some of that by just getting good at what you do, you know, and not worrying so much about what the defense does just get good at what you do and then react What the defense gives you. The parents bring up linebacker Devante Bond from the practice squad to the active roster. Linebacker Josh Woods ruled out of the game with the Giants due to personal reasons. The big 10 releasing an eight game eight week football schedule with 1/9 game, depending on where the teams will finish in the division standings after those eight Illinois starting October 24th at Wisconsin, Northwestern, starting October. 24th in Evanston against a Maryland are exclusive bears. Giants coverage from Soldier Field begins at 9 A.m. Sunday morning on your home of the Bear stayed current Ernie's radio 7 80 in 105.9 FM and the Cubs and Twins tied at one in the third and the White Sox lead the Reds to zip in the seventh. BBM News time 18 Traffic

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