Blinkers Off 458: Woodbine Mile Preview and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


The Gate for the one, million dollar? Rico Woodbine Mile. Saturday at Woodbine Race Rico Woodbine mile stakes agreed with one million dollars for three year olds and up on one mile on the turf. It is a breeders cup winner in event for the Fan. Duel. Mile eight lines up for this one boy to hell field to two to one on war of will we mentioned him earlier the number eight horse drowsy outside five the to on his stablemate from our cassie five or two on March to the arch. Dilemma, which Cassie to go with their obviously, very good at. Woodbine. But then you also have Chad Brown bringing in value proposition. The seven worse at six to one starts at jubilee coming back to would very good there four to one the Philly. Mayor I. Guess. I should say and Shirl- spite, a horses at one point was going to run in like countless. Triple Crown, races I feel like but it is here eight one. So you kind of have a nice mix of forces that obviously, very good. But also horses, they gave you some options. This is a hill Murray He knows is always a very good breeze. It's always exciting Yeah. There's a ton of options in nearly said and. It it took him all while for me to figure out who was going to pick here. I went back to an old friend of mine, and this is I say a friend now because of what happened last time out. But he's also been horses really pissed me off from the past that last time out in the King Edward stakes which was over this track and on at this distance March of the arch wins at seventy two was my topic in one by over two weeks. In the the moral of the story for for March to the arch, don't get him stops. Keep him in the clear. Do not give stop every race. HE GETS INTO TRAFFIC TROUBLE EVERY DAMN time I pick him and it's like he should have won and it's Traffic trouble. Again, you look at his running lines he loses ahead. He loses by league loses by couple of links in these big races. This is like if you just keep him out of trouble he he's he's got a great shot and and then we saw last time out he he he kept kept him out of trouble yet clear lane and he just blew by this. I went right back with March to the arts here. I think the miles perfect for more. You know he likes Woodbine and that's a big factor because this track does play very different than than all the other turf tracks in my opinion So him having a win over the surfaces great and you I think five to two I'm hoping he's going to Florida because war of wills in the race and I think he will definitely be the favourite and take the money and then you got Chad Brown runner starship Julie like you mentioned that's GonNa take money. So I think we're GONNA get every bit of that five to two. So I really like marched of the are cheer I. Think He's GonNa come right back here and win again. I really honestly, he's the. He's the cast horse I like most to be honest because he's too for to Woodbine. This distance, he has a couple of wins. Obviously ran is best one of his career races definitely last time out like you said here at. Woodbine. So I, think he's he's live in the. Race I feel like is going to be reasonably you. Quick. On the Front End he he has ignites GIG give king. Let him don't get in trouble it is it is interesting that Hernandez does shift over to will who he rode last which obviously very impressive. So Hernandez switches over obviously a lot of the regular riders not coming in. But. Hernandez who did ride. Martial arts. Last time out is writing war of will here who will kate you know it's coming in off of that July a really impressive win in the makers mile. Ran a career high by that day playing simple doesn't matter the you know the turf dirt greer one hundred. So, war will obviously looms dangerous but I do feel like he. Definitely, it'd be the one that takes most of the money. So if I'm if I'm looking for value. I kind of like March the better than I like war of will because he do have admiral and Admiral Pierre you've got. The the one. Oh sure spike. that has some speed are mystic day has some Vernon speed. So the pace will be pretty honest. So it should set up for worse like I mean we're wheel should sit a nice trip to I. Think we've seen that have you know. My thing with him is how good? Was that was makers mile? The fact is he likes Woodbine he likes his distance, he will be dangerous I. I couldn't go pass number seven value proposition though you get there's a lot to like here for this round horse shipping in obviously six to one is one big thing to like as well. Coming in off of that third place effort in the poker you might say, well, you know that wasn't that great and I agree. But if you watch race closely, the horse definitely had a little bit of a steady about the eighth pole down the stretch kind of basically at that point Iran is stop writing them. So that I'm not going to sit here and say one, but I think it would have been closer don't necessarily think that number would have been as low as it was. He came back off of his long absence since running last year came back and random one, hundred buyer right off the bat. So you're getting third off the bench here. Source has been working out like crazy to stray bullets at Saratoga in Chad Brown man you just cannot deny Chedda rub does with these horses when he brings him in for instance, you know all this kind of lay off twenty five, percent tariff twenty, six, percent rouses twenty this. Or this guy is clearly unbelievable when he has his horses ready and he he does and you know how I feel about when you Bet Chad Brown horse, you know with Claire Nitch and and you get it get some value there and so I think value proposition is exactly that a value I like that. I hope that six to one holds up because I think that is a square pricey and I wanted to go to you mentioned a couple of times and we haven't really talked about in depth to Kinda my longshot playing here, and that's Admiralty pier the six horse You know you look at this source at Woodbine this year you know to starts a grey to racist second times. Including second last time out to my top pick march to the art I mean you get ten to one on this source I think that looks awfully awfully good and I think that stands to reason that you're gonNA. Get Ten to one. The worse has been eight to one in his last two races But you look for you look at Tampa Bay to kick off the. SEASON, in Tampa Bay his worst pull off an upset at twenty one to one and beat March the arts I was one of those races were march the arch got all kinds of trouble I like like he does almost every race except for last time out. So this source is capable of springing upsets you know he's would bind veteran he's been around at Woodbine. What seems like forever. At ten to one. I think he's the value played for me and one at least I'm GonNa. Look at underneath is not trying to nick's even to the pick threes fours, fives, I think too that once you could have a price on words that consistently runs will distract. So yeah, he's definitely in played for me. I, like your topic value proposition and I I would say more of will certainly can win probably more of a defensive used for me. Than on top. I I really don't want him to beat me but also I don't. Really WANNA favorite. What I think's going to be seven to five in here.

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