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And Parkway South Bound side. This is over by Dyckman Street, taking out Elaine jamming traffic back to 225th Street, watching the delay on our 10 10 wins Jam Cam and also looking at our options with the South found side of the New York State Thruway under the Deegan Is not much better. In fact, that's going to be slow. I pretty much from the Westchester line. Old way down to the cross. Bronx Bronx River Parkway, however, is not too rough just gets a bit. So as you approach the cross Bronx and also the cross Bronx. Well, that is going to be tied up from White Plains Road to the deacon. He's found from the deacon out to Third Avenue. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels in bounds out of the G W B. Is it about 2025 minutes out back? Is it about death? 2025 minutes is well inbound. Lincoln 15 outbound 20 inbound Holland 10 to 15 out band. Is it about 20 minutes as well. And here is what we see on Long Island's Big three, a slow stretch of the northern state he's found. Cross Island Parkway to shelter Rock Road, Little Better, the Southern states going to getyou eastbound coming in towards Penninsula Boulevard. We got a bad accident. Now on the belt Parkway. Looks like it's on the Westbound side on the eastbound side, causing delays coming into nap street, those West Mandalay school way past all the way to Springfield Boulevard. He's found slowdowns in that area as well going back towards around. Flatbush Avenue and NAP Street and study Partners for tomorrow Numbers. Marin Export 3 30. Not all facemasks offer the same protection. The boomer naturals three layer comfortable,

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