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Was over. It's time to get out baseball record. Both the Yankees had 19 homeruns in the three game series with Toronto. That is three more than any team has ever done six or more home runs in three consecutive games, also in MLB record in last night's five home runs in one inning. Ties. The all time mark, Thanks, Bluejays 10 7180 43 runs in the series. The five home runs in the fourth came in a span of six batters. In fact, Brett Gardner, he May You and Luc Boy homered on three consecutive pitches, all thrown by Toronto's Chase Anderson. He served up all five another comeback by the match three runs in the sixth inning form or the night they beat the Phillies, 10 to 6 Tampa Bay. And the White Sox playoff first with white socks. That person's 2008, the Islanders and Tampa Bay Game six, like Game five went overtime. This time, the lightning 12 to 1.

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