Local Boston Family Holds Out Hope For Husband, Father Caught In Beirut Explosion


Holding out hope their loved one. A husband and father is alive after being caught in a massive explosion. W B Z T V's Julie McDonald reports. There are signs he could be alive. How do you hope from thousands of miles away? Can't move away. A Massachusetts family feels mounting desperation for help finding a relative trapped in the rubble from the explosion in Beirut Tuesday. I got the news before I saw the explosion, and then you know it was really hard, then to watch the explosion after being so personally connected to it didn't seem real. Rita's sister, Michelle and June from the Sioux in is married to a security officer who works at the Lebanese poor where the initial fire began. The couple has two young daughters to times his phone was answered the first time for 21 seconds, the second time for 43 seconds. Loved ones in the US are raising money for the family from afar and doing what they can to gain attention for Joe and June Joe was in the process of becoming a U. S citizen, But his wife and kids are American citizens as 11 19 with a

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