6 Steps for Coping with Uncertainty with Gregg Krech


Another minute as the months of the pandemic drone on and on and with it the continuing uncertainty finding places of pieces becoming all important focus of life for many of us I. Think. In I shared with you in the previous episode that I've committed to a more consistent daily meditation practice as a way to take positive action rather than focus on all that is wrong in our country in the world. And the other thing I did was to reach out to my teacher and friend Greg Creech. One of the leading authorities on Japanese psychology to talk with me on this podcast episode about uncertainty and transitions. When we talked on the phone about what advice sir practice he could offer to podcast listeners as we whether this time of great uncertainty he said something that really struck me. He said it's not a mass issue. It's your personal situation and attachment, and then he went on to say that everyone is dealing with losses but ultimately, it's an individual thing. and. So with that brief lead in I want to welcome greg to this podcast once again. Hi, Greg thanks so much for joining me. Are Wendy thank you for having me. It's nice to talk to you again. Okay. So Great I would like us to focus much of the conversation today and I think I mentioned this when we talked on one of your recent articles coping in the garden of uncertainty. And also, if we have any time left, maybe you could talk about your recent series focused on the challenges post posed by this a pandemic, which was life not on hold right is that correct? That's correct. I though, if you could unpack what I just shared from our recent conversation which I hope I quoted you correctly even if you remember what you said it's not a massive issue at your personal situation, an attachment and then everyone is dealing with losses but ultimately, it's an individual thing. So can you talk more about those concepts Greg? First of I do think that it's an unusual situation because in terms of the pandemic that the whole world. Is suffering from this and obviously Some people are suffering in different ways or more or less but but we out all are exposed to the situation and. and. So I'm not trying to suggest that that there. Is Anything but a global. Threat to our lives into our health and but I think in terms of how we cope with it. It it really is very much an individual issue has to do with our own practice. It has do with what presses are buttons It has to do with what We. Miss that gives us a sense of impatience and agitation because we have such a strong desire to have X. and we can't have it right now because the conditions of of our lives in the world. So in that sense, our ability to work with the situation to cope with it. To find a way to accept what we can't change for example. Though those kinds of things that are coming up our individual issues and the kinds of things that will which your buttons or agitate you or. Frustrate you. At an extreme are probably not necessarily the things that are going to have that effect on me but I have my own things and so to that extent, the the. Solutions that were looking for while we can talk about vaccine as a solution to medical problem but the solution to our practical and spiritual issues that we're facing in our own minds really is a question of of coping with that as an individual and I think of it similarly when I think of coping with the issue of death. All right. Right. That We we all will die It's a given but But how we die in how we face in cope with our own individual death is something that we can't share with anybody else right it's something that we have to work with. As individual. And I think net sense the situation we find ourselves in now. Is is somewhat parallel to that. Yeah that is that's really

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