Dallas - Several Texas cities rank well on list of best American cities during the pandemic


There's this new list out for the best and worst city used to be stuck in during our pandemic. North Texas has a lot of cities on the good side. Consider this a water cooler conversation from your couch by a water clear. That's how Jeff Herman looks at a new study by the company where he works. Lawn starter dot com Ah, website dedicated tell on knowing we're stuck at home are spending a lot of time in the yard. So think of this as it was a water cooler conversation that came to life, Herman says. The company spent weeks crunching numbers in four categories. To rank the best and worst U. S cities to be stuck at home. This is all data that's out there that we compiled and compressed into these rankings out of 150 cities on the list. Arlington came in at 85. Irving is 55. Garland, 43 Grand Prairie is 17. You only have to go north of the Bush Turnpike to visit three of the top 10 cities. Planum ranked eighth. McKinney is third. And Frisco is first came as a surprise. I mean, a lot of times, you know, Money magazine or some of the other recognitions that crystal has achieved are expected. This is one that I never thought we'd see out there. As Faras bested in a pandemic. The least two shows first goes financial safety and quality of of life, life, put put them them at at the the very very top top of of the the list. list. The The city city at at Rock Rock bottom. bottom. Detroit Detroit where where a a local local newspaper newspaper Wade Wade in in said said you you have have Frisco Frisco Texas Texas sees you have never heard of it either might have to check that out something like that. So I'm like, come on full shape for a city that's used to the shine. That's

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