Trump Says He Might Accept GOP Nomination at 'Great Battlefield of Gettysburg'


You just think they come get any Wes And they? There is a man called Jeremy Diamond, who works for CNN covering the White House. And when the president announced yesterday that one of the locations where he may be giving his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for the presidential election this November, this was the official quote unquote journalistic response. From CNN, Eric play video cut for And Pam. We've reported that President Trump is considering delivering his GOP nomination acceptance speech from the White House. But amid some criticism of that potential venue, the president is now floating another one. This time he's talking about the hallowed Civil War battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That could be controversial to particularly because this is a president who has consistently positions himself as a defender of Confederate symbols and monuments to Confederate generals. Them. Yeah, that's a fair point to make. Tough. A fair point should I couldn't you know, I know I am an immigrant to the United States. I think I know my American history quite well, but remind, remind us sure which signed one and get his book. That's what's so great about that clip is, I don't think the reporter understood that it was an overwhelming union victory that the Confederacy was slaughtered in one of the most consequential. The battles in that entire ward to go and say that Gettysburg somehow this Confederate monument and no match to the Confederacy requires Either just monumental dishonesty or abject ignorance in stupidity.

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