Perseids, the best meteor shower of the year, peaks tonight


You only Netflix or cable TV to see a good show tonight. All you'll need to do is Look up, KCBS reporter Melissa Colorado's explains That show is the Percy and meteor shower. And if you want to see it, find yourself a relatively dark place. You can't want to get away from city lights and just kind of sit back and periodically you'll see streaks going across the sky like shooting stars. Szabo Space in Science Center astronomer Gerald McKeon says those are Meteors left behind in a stream by the Comets with Tuttle. The earth passes through that stream every year at this time, and the Meteors that enter our atmosphere burn up, creating the streaks When it hits its peak. The person meteor shower can produce up to 60 Meteors an hour, So it's one of the most active meteor showers of the year make, Egan says the best time to see the shower is late tonight into early tomorrow morning. And that you won't want to use binoculars or a telescope because the Meteors can appear anywhere in the sky. Melissa call Ross KCBS

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