Highest-Paid Actors of 2020: Dwayne Johnson, Adam Sandler and Ryan Reynolds Among Top Earners


Out again, with the list of the world's highest paid actors over the past year. Got your top 10. And it just Ah, shows how starved people are for so called entertainment these air your top 10 highest paid actors over the past year. 10 through one. can. Adam Sandler Will Smith Lin Manuel Miranda, most of that's from Hamilton by 45 million Then Bollywood's Akshay Kumar. In your top five. Diesel, Ben Affleck. Marky Mark. Ryan Reynolds is Number two. What was he in in the last year? I think And who do you thanks. Number one. The rock. That would be him. Dwayne the Rock Johnson, world's highest paid actor. None of those words belong in the same sentence. By the way, it's the first year in over 10 years that the list was not dominated by what or who, superheroes. Marvel. Characters.

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