School districts struggle to teach online; quarantines grow


Has all well over 500 cases of covert 19 The New York Times Inside Houston Methodist Hospital in July, or 60% of the covert patients are Latino rosary beads resting in the hand of a 30 year old Ivan Sanchez, who for weeks has been on a ventilator. Sorta markets Deadliest day yet 277 lives. Lost cases are declining in 23 states. But there's also concern about the potential for spread in schools across Cherokee County, Georgia, at least 925 students and staff or quarantine after 60 people tested positive masked required for teachers, but on Lee recommended for students. When schools reopened last week. Parents were hopeful so many of us were desperately wanting our kids to be face to face. I feel 100% safe in Texas debate over re opening classrooms Please go. Middle school teacher Rebecka Azure quitting at the school board meeting. I respectfully offer you my resignation for I need to take care of my I just didn't feel the district had adequate plans to keep both students and teachers safe. Across the country. Nearly 180,000 new covert cases reported in Children in just the last four weeks, an increase of 90% 6 year old Jadon Coulter of Philadelphia was severely sickened by that rare multi inflammatory syndrome. But breathing too of damage. Throw thes coming from his neck, his arms They came in the room every three minutes. And this was a lot. Jaden is now recovering. But he'll be going back to school online and I was right about coals for one of my childhood school banana second guessing like it. Maybe Virgil's not their big here in Texas. The emotional debate on whether to go back to school continues. Most districts will even go back online or in person a little bit late this year. After Labor Day. ABC is

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