Stephen 'tWitch' Boss speaks out for the first time about allegations of toxicity on the set of Ellen


The Earth will be kind to everybody. Then backstage. She's a raging maniac. It's the most vicious environment in the world. Sexual harassment, racism, bullying brutality backstage from the staff and the manager. So finally You know, they have a deejay on the show. She's always dancing, Got a deejay that plays all the music. He came out to defend everything. And he said, Listen to this statement. There's love in the room backstage, it's filled with love. But there are some things that need to be addressed the hopefully at the proper time we could look so even the deejay who is obviously not the brightest guy, even he had admit There's some What does that mean? There's some things that need to. Obviously there's some things that need to be addressed here. So basically comes out the defender. But at the end, wink wink, it's true. It's all true. So Howard Stern had some good advice for her. Just just be the meanest woman would just do that. Have that be erect you This ruthless, awful Not a bad idea. Of course, Howard Stern has been such a Jekyll and Hyde get all of a sudden he's Mr P. Sena, so I don't have much credibility He has left anyways. Take some calls. Go to rich

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