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Okay Episode Nine, hundred and ninety nine today one more episode to go to we hit the magic one thousand tomorrow. I will be telling you how you can get a hold of private one on one session with me to talk about Your Business Your idea pretty much anything you wanted to talk about except soccer I don't talk about soccer because I have no interest but pretty much everything else last year episodes have been a bit long. We'll try and keep this bit shorter I wanted to share my five magic quite I guess if you like from the first thousand episodes, the first two and three quarter years of this show. I want I wanted to start with was in the empty lies the opportunity in answers. The Joe Question is the glass half full or half empty. Most people think that if you say it's half empty if you view it as half empty, that's a negative to me. It's a massive positive. You can't do anything about what's already in the count in the glass you can impact what's not in the glass. So it's the empty pot that to me is exciting next one value is in the eye of the perceive A. Lot of people talk about trying to create value edge rather than discounting, and that's fine. If what you're adding actually represents value to me not you a lot of times. What we do is we create these value adds that really don't add much value to the consumer to the end user in which case they kind of irrelevant third one price is relative cost is personal. To me prices a constructive the buyer. Sort of the Selah, not the Baya the Bairo McKay's about the cost, and that's the cost to them in terms of Dolla in terms of time in terms of if it and convenience. So if you are thinking about things in terms of your price, your not really thinking about it from a consumer perspective. So once you understand that all your consumer or your customer really cares about is the cost to them. Then, I think you're in the right mind frame to stop processing your product. The fourth one first impressions. Count Lost Impressions multiply. It always staggers me that in this industry of hospitality particularly whether it's hotels, spas or restaurants we spend a lot of time and effort on trying to get the arrival experience, right but not so much on the departure experience. First, impressions are super important mode out about it, but let's be honest. It's the last impression that are going to. Lingga. So first impressions count last impressions multiply because they have a multiplier effect on the impact of the head and the final one I'm not actually sure whether this was my quite a one that picked up from somewhere but I can't remember where picked it up but I think it's particularly relevant in today's world and that is the change is really easy. But often necessary. And I think that's something that a lot of us can carry through to today's world. We're all being put in situation where change is being forced upon us. It's not necessarily easy. It's not necessarily fun, but it is probably necessarily necessary, and if you really want to grow if you really want survive them chained to something and you're GonNa get your head around. So don't take changes negative. It's not easy, but it's necessary already. So

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