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Do have the good we do have the psychic on the phone. Mom. Shocking she was available. Years of it. Well, so is the garden person. I think they're both on Which one is OK on seven is the psychic. All right, so either of them can hear us right now they're all fold. So Yeah, they can't hear us. I will do it. I will. Hopefully, if I can do this correctly from my studio because we're all separated, they let us come back into the building to do the show Finally, but they've made us all sequestered two different rooms. So it's not fun, but I hopefully you guys, you, you, Allie. Omar should be able to be on and but she won't hear you. The only thing I ask is to keep track of the times. I mess up the plug. Okay, so like like this every time there's an official mess up. It doesn't count. If I mess up her name, too. Yes. That about effect for sure counts. If you could have traded fire or mess ups on this or you know, if you do five mess ups, I will buy you A bottle of vodka. Okay, Here we go Back to the vodka Unplugged way will D'oh. I was gonna say with worst interview of the day, but I think I did that. I don't know what s so she will be joining us. She thinks she's on Radio show called Unplugged, which is fake but also kind of not thick. Here we go. Hold on radio dot com. Another

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