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Dot com. Town. It's always sunny in the acreage when you're listening to one of 79. Maybe. Wait. Wait. On sunny one of 79. Now. And we go dream maker love taker. Don't you mess around with me? If you can't get enough eighties we've got you covered. Tracy, ST George and the House of Retro Pleasure. An hour and a half of fun 80 songs for your lunch break. Every weekday starting at 11 45 on Sonny 1079 Just let you trace when us Really? Just Just so Theeighties at eight eighties party Perfect for you. If you remember cabbage patch kids watch, watches and low balls. Download the sunny 1079 Mobile app become a registered user, and you could win a family getaway for four to Surat, a beach resort in ST Pete, two Nightsaccommodations dinner at Compass Grill and a resort activity. Now it's just a short distance from downtown ST Pete's many attractions, museums, local craft breweries and shops. The resort offers the perfect beachside getaway for families and couples. Get the APP. It's in your app store. Just search Sunny 107 war and more of our neighbors are struggling with Trauma of covert 19 and the stress of everyday tasks. Life is hard. It's harder on drugs on average 130 people die every day

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