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Hi I'm Michelle Obama Michelle. spotify has revealed the top podcasts at the summer based on total number of listeners from June the first to August fifteenth and even though it only launched at the end of July, the Michelle Obama podcast was the global number one with quote millions of listeners the rest of the top five were NPR news now the daily coal her daddy and the Ted talks daily. Michelle Obama may be the number one global podcast but what was the number one podcast by Toyota listeners in the US or the UK or another fifty-six countries? We got all the data everywhere from Belgium it to Bolivia as an exclusive today, you'll find it links from our show notes and our newsletter today. At, any amounts of podcasters apple podcasts has announced that their audio search has been expanded to a number of different languages and their podcast is support website has been further enhanced. If you haven't got better email, don't worry. We've got it and we've linked to it in our show notes and our newsletter today Babble, which says it's the top selling language learning. APP has added an in apple podcast player containing all the podcasts from Babbel podcast for Italian Spanish. English and French learners are available with additional content designed specifically for English and German. Speakers say that they've seen a two hundred percent increase in new registrations. Of the global pandemic. Premium Polka service supporting cast has added a new feature dynamics subscriber messaging. This allows you to send personalized messages to your subscribers to thank them up, sell them to higher price tail even warn them about an expiring credit card. Triton. Digital has released its latest latin-american podcast report total downloads for the top one hundred podcasts have gone down from twenty point three, million to nineteen point six, million this time around coinciding with the highest number of new cases in the pandemic in the region. US automakers Chevrolet has made their first podcast sponsorship working with blue wire media to sponsor t one Greg Olsen and blueberry has highlighted. Top podcasts hosted produced or promoted by women for today National Women's Equality Day. And podcast news podcasting essentials focuses on the law of music, piracy and privacy. In this case, he's Australian law, but most law aligns across the world on these things. The podcast also features three people called Nicole interesting facts. Nicole was the number ten most popular name in Australia in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety out of the top one, hundred chart in two thousand and trade maybe it's not that interesting. The F- you best friends forever. University is a new podcast from Dallas lgbtq personalities, Bradford Chitter and Ryan Brockton which aims to teach you thing two about being your most authentic self even if that means acting like someone else along the way and true crime podcast in the red clay is the sixth ceres from imperative entertainments podcast division launched yesterday with Cumulus Media's Westwood One. It funds the most dangerous manning Georgia history, billy Sunday burt,

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