Bobby Mackey's Music World

Haunted Places


Due to the graphic nature of this haunted place listener discretion is advised. This episode includes dramatization of abortion and suicide. We'd buys extreme caution for children under thirteen. There was no such thing as a haunted jukebox shown knew that it was simple people saw patterns where there were none they wanted to be scared. So they found excuses to be. His best friend Brian to argue against Shawn's reasoning. But he didn't have a leg to stand on after all. He'd wants run away from pigeon that moved too fast. Reminding Brian of the incident was just enough to get them to agree to get a job as a dishwasher at Bobby Mackie's so sean wouldn't have to be alone. He felt a little bad for shaming friend like that. But when the bro Code didn't work one hand to think outside the box. They were giving the tables of final wipe down at the end of their shift will the jukebox appeared to start up on its own? Brian startled, but sean laughed and told him to go back to work deal thing was finicky. And if it was ghost, the had okay. Taste in music. Back Blair through the speakers Bolt Sean and Bryan covered their ears shown was still trying to get his pairings. What he saw Bryant stumbling toward the machine maybe when the chips are down Brian could handle more than a pigeon. The lights in the room seemed to darken. Another crescendo made Sean Bite down. So hard his tongue blad. Finally the sound stopped showing turn to congratulate Brian. But his friend was standing there jaw open eyes wide and glassy. Shown asked him what was wrong? Bryant held up a long black cord. The jukebox hadn't been plot then.

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