4. Believe and hope - burst 01

The Journey


Helen Keller was born in eighteen eighty as a typical healthy baby girl. However before she even turned two years, old Helen became severely ill with a fever. In fact, she was not even expected to limb however, Helen made it through. But when the fever laughter it took her hearing and sight along with it. Helen became deaf and blind before she could even speak. Without, the sense of hearing and without the sense of sight Helen grew up isolated in her own world and she acted primarily based on instinct. She was known to have violent tantrums when she wanted something that she couldn't have or to laugh hysterically and uncontrollably when she was happy. But Helen took the world by storm as she learned to thrive despite her disabilities. Some of Helen Keller's accomplishments include her writing twelve books during her lifetime. Becoming. The first blind and deaf person to graduate from a university. She learned to read Braille of course, but also French German Latin and Greek. The scope and the reach of Helen Keller's influence cannot be measured because her life and writings continued to impact generation after generation after generation even to this day. And all it took. Was for someone to believe in her.

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