Honeybee venom 'kills some breast cancer cells'

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Australian. Researchers have discovered that honeybee venom can quickly kill aggressive breast cancer cells. This new research comes from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Perth and was published in the journal Nature Precision Oncology. In addition to killing one hundred percent of triple negative breast cancer and H. E. R. to enriched breast cancer cells within an hour. The specific concentration of the venom was also found to reduce the growth of tumors in mice when combined with existing chemotherapy drugs. The key element in the venom is called Mulligan and actor Sierra Duffy. Search as part of her PhD told ABC quote what the military does is actually enters the surface or the plasma membrane and forms holes or pores, and it just causes the cell to die and quotes. Duffy has found that honeybees from other parts of the world produced similar results, but that bumblebees did nuts. In addition to extracting the venom from honeybees they put to sleep. The scientists also experimented with creating a synthetic form of bulletin which had the same affects. And we'll scientists asked about the research. Agree it's an exciting development Dr Duffy. Herself is quick to caution that it is far from being considered any type of treatment or breakthrough. She said quotes there's a long way to go in terms of how we would deliver it in the body and you know looking at toxicities maximum tolerated doses before it ever went further and quotes. And interesting footnote here, April therapy or the use of bees for medicinal purposes has been on the rise. In recent years. It technically dates back to hippocrates prescription of be things to treat various maladies around four hundred, sixty BC. But took off again as a form of alternative medicine a few years ago and when I say Alternative Medicine, I mean Moseley people getting intentionally stung just like hippocrates in the hopes that it would treat any manner of ailments. And just because medical scientists are now experimenting with the use of Melinda for various treatments even beyond just this one study that doesn't mean it has actually been proven as safe or effective use. Especially when it's not being extracted and prescribed in the lab. So please don't go try to get intentionally stung or at least don't blame me if you do.

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