Cryptocurrency Markets On The Edge


Good opportunities over the way Kim markets wise We did say Bitcoin close up yesterday's candle good two percent. Saturday it was Dan Hoffa percents dawdling along Napa three jot rotten. Now, we're going to bullish candidates three point, four percent backing that cradles on the weekly right. Now, we had a weekly close up point six of a percent we closet eleven thousand, seven, hundred, twenty, four, the Pisa glidden thousand Mothers Bay. The raging will be fine some support now, we not out of the out of the woods yet. We could certainly say the market come back Deepa the limb five until he breakout through the high of loss wakes candle is still in the cards. Lost Weeks was eleven thousand, eight, hundred thirty. We get above the. Will Continue to say, Bitcoin, move off to what has been. Let's be honest. We over the last couple of weeks I mean. We saw that. bitcoin strong couple of wakes up seven point eight percent beckon the twentieth of July. Then the twenty seventh of July were up eleven percent. So a guy in a strong way. The third of August, the start of August, we saw the handle up five point five non then the tenth of August, two percent. Then we would down two point two, five in the last month. Last. Week out point six of Senator Forget as well. We've got the one month the month ending. Very very shortly. Murat. Month right now it's not huge is only three cents at stands lost month mother. July was up twenty, four, point two, nine percent. So. Big. Although has A. Date pullback and hasn't gone to not for a little while you know it's it's sort of slow dead off that big Brennan I wouldn't be surprised. To say, have a bit of a run because if you consider. Aman, where are we going back to the fifth wheel of scars most of August? Look we saw a low of August the low of the month. will go the low the month was ten, thousand, six, hundred, fifty, hot twelve, thousand, five, hundred. So let's let's US Mike the two thousand. Dull. Is Not crazy now it's not crazy at all. So it could say a bit of a kick on for bitcoin at pulling back a little bit on yesterday's That's like. Too much going on. We do have a four hour tried to let it thousand, seven hundred and seventy s where we have. A very already. So kicked on again, yesterday up seven point six, five percent. Closing the wake-up nausea strong a good ten percents point seven, five percent. That's a pretty, damn strong wait there for rough sell straight back off got grease the bull the Rod has a four, twenty, five, twenty, four. Down one percent Australia kicking apply there is well. Exiled did may the ten period moving average loss wake low with twenty five point three cents and closed at twenty nine point so I closed twenty point three it's now at twenty point three point, two percent and. Is Starting to get a little bit of follow through I. WanNa see. Except to a bit more before I. Get involved in this way be SR bitcoin cash sitting back down that way a cradles on. Yeah. Loss Waking. At one point four percent loss weight but to tell you walk. Josh Soda hanging above that two seven five. Region which has been acting as a bit of support that will be very interesting to see how he guy. Throughout the rest of the way swig oversee with just starting, considering where we backing to the four hundred has an arsenal trend. With currently it's an option at two hundred and seventy dollars and fifteen cents hoffa percent. Why Coins? Well, McLaughlin had I am. A RIP Day yesterday up ten point four, two percent and ready citing lot coins wake. It did have a lar- that came in fifty, three, eighty six but ended up closing at sixty to ninety four. That's a big swing up three point. I, said last week. A really strong way ready for math from lot one of the strongest ally the. Within our top ten wetness what goes on for the time being be as Vasil. So sickening that little weekly cried align. It's look it's pretty like lost of a BS vade. Puppy tends to move hard with law of one eighty, one last week and I have to I non closing one, ninety, six, eighty, six, one, get above two, hundred on base the. That's where the the movement will start to shine on through still gonNA lower to one on six seventeen point three, five off percent cod Donna on the weekly. Will it also rejected the lows of the wake lows at ten point two cents higher at twelve point seven and closing at eleven point seventy, five so. It's up a little bit. Wrought now has a little bit late. He's not worth talking about really

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