New York Mets Legend Tom Seaver Dies At Age 75

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One of the greatest players in the history of baseball alleged in every sense of the word in New York sports, and beyond Tom Seaver was known as Tom Terrific he died yesterday of complications of Covid nineteen and dementia at the age of seventy five, and where do we begin seaver transformed the match from cellar dwellers to world champions three hundred eleven games eighteenth all time most important win game for the sixty nine world series. The mets winning the championship legend thirty, six, hundred, forty strikeouts in his career six. The most ever still has the record with ten straight strikeouts in a game and of course, as much. Deserving seaver went into the hall of fame in Nineteen Ninety two, he got a then record ninety eight point eight four percentage of the vote more on Tom Seaver who was the nineteen sixty seven national league rookie of the year two seasons later on the first of his three Cy young awards also a three time nationally champion during his major league tenure and made the All star. Game Twelve. Times.

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