LCB Ep. 287 - Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Songs, Mandalorian Season 2 Announcement, Bill & Ted 3 and The Binge Reviews - burst 03


Like you guys knew what to do with Daisy Ridley. You know what to do with Adam driver you knew what to do with these other people when it Came to Kelly Marie retrain when it came to juggle you know fuck all So what do you want me to say what they want you to say? I enjoy being a part of the great experience. Nah. I'll take that deal when it's a great experience it gave all the nuance driver in today's really let's be honest easy notes. I don't know everyone knows this I'm not exposing anything and he's right back I I liked the last Jedi I. But a big part of the problem with that movie that has maybe like it less over time is that the one storyline they fumbled? Was the fin thing and I don't know that's. Like that's that starts at the top like maybe Ron Johnson who some blame this was poorly planned franchise Unfortunately, that had a lot of cool elements had a great start and it wasn't plant from the top well and you wasted a lot of and he mentioned Oscar Isaac as well. He's like like offers involved in that too like they didn't the plan wasn't great and that's tough to do. That's up new change things over and change hands. So yeah. I. Whether. I don't know I, don't know what people's thoughts are. Thing, but I really liked how open he was thought. That was neat to see him do that and not just poll puck and punches. It's obviously it's I. Think it's good for When I think. There's good. There's some transparency into the thoughts and feelings of actors rather than just have them be actual robots. So I really appreciate that.

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