Don't Let The Crisis Mask Your Real Issues #1008



Regardless of what you think about the various actions taken by governments around the world in relation to this Kobe nineteen crisis the economic impact is undeniable. Business closures, border closures. There are GONNA be businesses that will simply not survive this current crisis. That's undeniable. I can just see now that in another six months, three months, twelve months businesses are going to be saying it was because covid. I was okay until Cova was hanging in there until cove it. And to be clear what you tell people externally, I'm not so worried about, but but I think it's important if you're one of the people running those businesses right now it's important that you don't kid yourself that you you were okay until Covid, it's important that you can yourself that you didn't have any other issues because there's a lot of businesses out there that are struggling and were struggling before coded before the current. Border closures before the various business restrictions, and again what you tell people externally, I don't think that's as important. But what you tell yourself, what you actually understanding except yourself I think is important because otherwise if you had issues pre-coded and you come out of this thing saying, well, you know I did a great job but it was covered then when you go onto your next venture when you go onto your next thing. You're going to have many of those same problems unless you are at least honest with yourself and again, it's being honest with yourself. Nobody else needs to know it's just you. But don't let the current crisis and don't let the impact of his coun- Crisis Mosque from you the realities of what was working and what wasn't working in your business. Just the thought already that is it for today I. I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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