The Steven Stayner Case


The Smoke Californian Falling Tan of Said Laws One hundred thirty miles southeast. Of San, Francisco providing access to the Sierra Nevada mountains and California's central coast. Surrounded by almond groves and paycheck orchards. The town's slogan is gateway to Yosemite. A ninety mile drive leads ride into the heart of the famous Yosemite National Park I remote area of wilderness spans close to seven hundred and fifty thousand acres. The Miss said community is close knit with residents enjoying the range of outdoor activities on offer including skiing, fishing, hiking, and swimming. trae line to neighborhoods featuring numerous paths and pox make miss said an ideal place to raise a family. From nineteen, Sixty, seven to nineteen, seventy, one this Dana family lived on a twenty Acre farm ranch just outside of method, county? Parents K into del had married wake soft like I met and had gone on to have five children. Kerry Cindy Stephen Jody and Corey. Del worked as a mechanic at a local page cannery and also grew almonds on the families found. This Dana were a loving family as practicing moments. They enjoyed attending church services twice a week and in sped to on the children loved exploring their lodge property. Once a month, the family would spend the weekend camping at a nearby like. Middle Child Stephen loved the great outdoors and would explore the farm for hours with his dog daisy. Hey and his father often went fishing together. But it was a running joke that Stephen couldn't keep quiet long enough for them to catch anything. This summer of Nineteen seventy-one was hot and dry and Dell's almond crops struggled to due to poor irrigation. Hey Decay, decided to sell the ranch and move their family to suburban Miss said. They purchased a three bedroom single story in a lower middle class neighborhood that had a swimming pool in the backyard to provide relief from the summit hate. The. Move was difficult for seven year old Stephen who missed rural life. At first, he struggled to adjust to his new school of Charles wrought elementary bus September of Nineteen, seventy two he was settling down and making friends. On the evening of Sunday, December three nineteen seventy seventy-two Stephen attended the birthday party of his friend. Sharon giving her a stuffed Koala bears as a present. When he returned time Stephen Raved to his parents about how much fun he had had at the Party and tell them how much he was looking forward to Christmas in a few weeks time. He was so excited that he had trouble falling asleep that night. The next morning Monday December four was a regular day in this Dina household. After breakfast K. inspected her for eldest children to make sure they were presentable school while the youngest corey wasn't yet old enough to attend. Kerry Cindy Stephen and Jodie then walked the twelve blocks to Charles. Rot. Elementary together. With sixth grader Kerry keeping watch over his three youngest siblings. Stephen finished school at two PM, which was Annella hour earlier than his brother and sisters. He usually walked the half mile home with friends, but it was raining and cold. So K. decided to pick him up on her way home from running. Samaritans. She arrived at the school at two ten hoping Stephen had anticipated that she would pick him up and was waiting for her. However there was no sign of him. K. Drove home keeping annoy out for Stephen along the way. She didn't spot him on the Straits and when she arrived home at two twenty, he wasn't dairy the. At three o'clock, K. and Del returned to Charles wrought elementary to Pique Cindy and Jodi up from school. Carry wasn't there as hey typically won't time with friends. But Cindy into Jodi time their parents, they hadn't seen Stephen since lunchtime. This. Wasn't an immediate caused by concern as Stephen had recently by any trouble for going to his friend's house off to school without seeking his parents permission first. Del had punished him with a belt to the backsaw does the turn but they was certain he had disobeyed them again.

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