Trump has record reelection spending despite trailing Biden


Even before their convention, the trump campaign, the Republican Party, and their affiliated committees at spent more than a billion dollars over three years on trump's reelection efforts. No presidential campaign has ever spent that much at this point in the season in July alone, the reelection campaign had raised one, hundred, sixty, five, million dollars Biden raised one, hundred, forty, million in July after having led trump and fundraising the to prior months. The post-convention August figures are not out yet. Both trump and biden campaigns have around three hundred, million dollars on hand at the moment sixty days before the election. But the Republican National Committee pulled in fifty five million dollars for the party with no debts while the DNC took in only sixteen million and has one and a half million dollars in campaign debts. This Week Biden picked up the endorsement of eighty one Nobel prize winners from the fields of chemistry medicine and physics their endorsement sites Biden's willingness to listen to experts and his quote deep appreciation for using science to find solutions. The endorsement was arranged by Illinois Democratic Congressman Bill Foster who is himself of physicist The only physicist on. Capitol Hill.

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