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Up at 11 65 degrees in New York City. It's eight o'clock. This's w N y C FM HD and AM New York. Portland, Oregon will have a 1/100 consecutive night of protests. There was a considerable escalation and violence this week, resulting in two deaths. We will have the latest. Also this hour. Denver is sending out strike teams to underserved areas to give the flu vaccine. Will hear how the massive effort as a trial run for when a covert 19 vaccine is ready. Plus, the Trump campaign sued New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy over mail in voting. But with vote by mail about to begin, nothing has been done to expedite the case. The way this case is moving. By the time it's decided, if it's even decided before Election Day, the mail in ballot election in New Jersey will be well underway. We'll have an update. It's Saturday, September 5th. I'm David first and this is weekend edition. On the one Live from NPR news. I'm Giles Snyder. President Trump says he's reversing a decision by the Pentagon to shut down the military newspaper Stars and Stripes. NPR's David Folkenflik reports trumps moved to protect. The paper came just hours after the Atlantic magazine reported he'd made demeaning remarks about US War veterans, Stars and Stripes was founded in the first year of the Civil War, part of the Defense Department with independents to determine its own news coverage. At times, the reporting has proved inconvenient to the Trump administration, as it has for Trump's predecessors, Stars and Stripes faced a major budget cut earlier this year, though some lawmakers moved to restore funds. Piece in USA today disclosed that the Pentagon was acting to shut the paper down by the end of the month. Then came the Atlantic's piece, which quoted unnamed officials saying Trump denigrated war dead didn't want to see veterans who have lost limbs and combat participate in parades. Associated Press The Washington Post in Fox News all quickly matched the story, and Trump emerged hours later, denying those claims. The praising stars and stripes to the skies. David Folkenflik NPR News, Lise in both Portland, Oregon and Rochester, New York, declared unlawful assemblies last night during ongoing protests over the death of black men in police custody Portland marking 100 straight nights of protests, and in Rochester, there were clashes for a third night, The death of Daniel proved in upstate New York, raising concerns about mental health care. The hospital that treated prude says his death is not an example of systematic shortfalls. But no. Eleven's of member station W x X I reports that proves family disagrees. Hours before his encounter with the police, Daniel proved was seen at strong hospital for a mental health evaluation. His brother says that he was released within a few hours with no diagnosis and no treatment Plan. The University of Rochester Medical Center says that it follows all standards of clinical care and that it is conducting an internal review. Melanie Funches with the Rochester Mental Health Association says that isn't enough. Doing what applicability by law is the basement. It is not medicine of the highest order. Did they just do the bare minimum? What do they do? Medicine of the highest order? The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations says it is opening an investigation into prudes treatment. For NPR News. I'm no Elevens in Rochester, New York. Firefighters in Western Colorado making headway on that largest wildfire in state history. Colorado public radio Stina Sieg With little recent growth. The wildfire has entered a new phase. Mark Jameson is a chief with the Southern area Red Team, which is monitoring hot spots. We let that fire just go on, get big and the fire gets out again. Well, that's just catch and release fire fighting, and I don't approve of that. We want to finish this thing. The Pine Gulch fire was started by lightning in late July and at its height, caused evacuations from rural homes, closed to state highway and sent smoke across much of the state. For NPR News. I'm Stina SIG in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is NPR. And this is the one I see in New York. I'm David. First officials say they finally signed contract agreements with most of the school bus companies serving city schools. But buses still have to be inspected and new roots need to be developed before the school year starts later this month. Alex's Immelman is a reporter with the education news site. Chalk beat New York. Of the 150,000 students who typically get bus service about 50,000 of those are students of disabilities who are legally entitled to yellow bus service. And those parents are really eagerly awaiting word about what that will look like. Public school buildings are scheduled to open on September 21st. But some students with disabilities attend private schools subsidized by the city that Start next week. A pro Trump counter protester who was in the car that drove through a crowd of black lives matter. Marchers in Times Square says she and everyone else in the car spoke to detectives yesterday. And were let go without charges. Weiss's Gwen Hogan reports Juliet German Nada, A pro Trump counter protester, who has been arrested multiple times for pouring paint on the black lives matter. Mural outside Trump Tower confirmed she was in the passenger seat of the car as it drove towards the crowd, along with five others. German Otta said. They were surrounded by protesters. You hear something? Hit the car, like try to break the window, and that's when he just floored Florida. But many said the car came out of nowhere, accelerating through a line of people with bikes protecting those on foot. The NYPD would not confirm that they're detectives had interviewed the group, but said the investigation is ongoing. The city's Department of Education was supposed to provide schools with reports on whether they're ventilation systems were up to par by yesterday.

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