CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to criticism over the company's impotence


CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to criticism over the company's impotence in the face of militia organizing the contractors and the reviewers who the initial complaints were funneled to basically didn't pick this up and on. Second review, doing it more sensitively. The team that was that's responsible for dangerous organizations recognize that thiss filer of the policies and and we took it down. He blamed it on the contractors, which was interesting. The contractors being people that don't actually work for Facebook don't actually get any of the perks of working for Facebook, but are kind of tasked with dealing with The worst detritus of the Internet every day at low wages, often in other countries. Yeah. You recently spoke to Ellen Pao, the former CEO of Reddit, She said Basically that you subcontract things you don't care about. And you don't care about things. You subcontract Alan. How was the CEO of a reddit trying really hard to clean up that platform and deal with violence, Harassment and hate on the Internet. She said that she wishes that she had brought content moderation in house and I was just really struck by that. You know, nobody in Silicon Valley. None of these platforms ever talk about bringing content moderation in house. It's this huge workforce that is kept off the books there often in different cities and different countries, and they're not treated as being as important to company's mission. As the software engineers and the product managers and the ad sales people on being so remote. They Khun just follow the instructions. They can't make any judgments because a lot of times they just don't know the context. If Facebook insourced editorial I think that that would help. It's the largest publisher in the history of the world, and they have entirely outsourced editorial to people that don't work for the company. The content is generated by users, and the content is edited by subcontracted low wage workers, often in other countries. And then on the other side of it, there's just the sheer size and scale. Facebook is, in many ways simply too big to be effectively moderated. But it does seem that the employees had Facebook are starting to get angry. At the beginning of the summer, there was a digital walk out over Facebook's decision to say that Trump's quote when the looting starts, the shooting starts was okay. This was a company that was used to obedience. Among all the different Silicon Valley tech companies. Facebook has a reputation of the staff being kind of true believers that there are no problems that more Facebook won't fix. What we've seen this summer. Is that Facebook employees are increasingly coming out and saying the social effects of this company are bad and frightening and something needs to be done. And it's not surprising. I mean most of their employees live in the United States and are now getting firsthand experience. Of the kind of deal it tore IUs impacts that Facebook can have on a democracy that have been seen in the Philippines in Poland and India. How did you feel when you saw the Kevin Roose piece in The New York Times about how Extreme right wing influences are dominating the political conversation on Facebook, and we're talking about entirely alternate universes. It's long been the case that we can avoid inconvenient facts, But Facebook seems to have cemented these information

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