Wednesday Night Live: Music Trivia


Ahead. for Aug essentially we're giving you to special bridge episodes this month today's show is a recording of last week's installment of slates Wednesday night live, which was a live hip parade trivia addition. I. Was the host and I got to quiz several slate luminaries on Billboard Chart Brain teasers we. Had a blast then later this month in the place where we would normally bring you a full length story we'll instead be doing a super sized edition of our regular hip parade the bridge show we'll be following up last month's yacht rock episode with some very special guests you won't want to miss it now without further ado enjoy our live hip parade trivia showdown. Hi, everybody, this is crystal. Host of fit parade and welcome to slates, Wins Day. Night live is our extra special hit parade Trivia Competition with some of my friends here at slate we're going to give them all some trivia challenges tonight, and then at the end of each round, they're going to turn the tables on me. So it's going to be a very exciting head competition. By sheer coincidence, our four contestants tonight, all have names starting with D. so to quote, the old hip hop song were throwing some on it tonight and our first contestant for our sleigh trivia is Dana Stevens. Dana is slates, movie critic and Co host of the Slight Culture Gabfest Dana Are you there I'm here and I'm ready. All right. Thank you so much for agreeing to join US tonight. I heard you on the Culture Gabfest today talking about your anxiety about doing some trivia. So are you ready? I have to say that I am the offspring. My father is a super trivia brain. He knows every Oscar that's been awarded in the history of the Oscars. He knows all the presidents and all the voice vice president's order. He's like brain, Trivia guy and I did not inherit that at all nor do I, know anything about pop so I'm going to be the fall guy but that's okay. All right. Well, we're letting you take the first round your category around one is eighties hits. Let's go to question one. What interrogatory of Latin Flavor Madonna Song hit number one but was left off her Nineteen Ninety Immaculate Collection Compilation a express yourself be where's the Party C e Slobber Nita or D. who's that girl? Okay. Well, I'm leaving the two that are not interactive in any way and their titles maybe that's a mistake but because it's the long that I hear about less and would not have come to mind immediately I'm going to go with be whereas. I'm sorry. The correct answer was D-. WHO's that girl? Though it topped the hot one hundred, the summer of one, thousand, nine, hundred, seven this hit from Flop Madonna movie of the same name was left off of matches. First greatest hits CD. would not appear on a Madonna compilation until two, thousand nine. All right. Oh, for one. You went with a fifty fifty on interactive. That was very logical. Let's see how you do with Christian to are you ready for question if I can't get a genetic song I'm completely screwed but go

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