Survey: 58% think the NBA will finish its season in the bubble at Walt Disney World Resort


ESPN survey the results came out last night. 37% of the people surveyed over 800 people. 37 of those thought it was wrong for some pro sports to be taking place during the pandemic, 43% that they said they're restarting too quickly. In terms of will they be completed 49% of major league baseball fans say Yes, we'll get through a world Series 58% of NBA fans say Yes, we'll get through the N B a finals. Any of those numbers surprise you. 58% seems low to me agree almost half only half of MBA fans think we're going to get to the end of this thing. I mean, we're already about in the playoffs on Monday. There haven't been any positive tests. Now. The NBA's getting to the point where they're saying, yeah, more people can come in. Obviously, with guidelines when you're talking about these players, friends and ah, and family members, but 58% I'm like close to 100% at this point, Dorian me when you told me months ago that this was going to be happy for the happening for the N B A. I said, Okay, I'll believe it when I see it. If this thing works we're seeing at work, though, so I feel the most confident out of anything that will see an MBA champion. You know, MLB is a totally different thing. But I feel like we've been so back and forth at this point that the what? 49% feels OK to me.

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