USPS chief to testify amid US election fears


Donald Trump's appointed postmaster general has agreed to testify before Congress, next week uncut. Since service that lawmakers fear could hamper the postal services ability to handle a flood of mail in ballots in November's election postmaster general Louis to joy major trump political donor will testify next Monday before the Democratic led House representatives, oversight and Reform Committee, which is investigating whether service changes adopted in recent weeks of slowed mail deliveries. Congressional Democrats have raised concerns that amid a coronavirus pandemic that is expected to result in about twice as many Americans voting by mail as did. So in two thousand, sixteen cost cuts at the postal service could lead to missed delayed ballots. They have pointed to reductions in overtime restrictions on extra mail, transportation trips, and new mail sorting and delivery policies. This changes that threaten to slow mail delivery. Trump has repeatedly and without evidence claimed that mail balloting is vulnerable to fraud voting by mail is nothing new in the United, states and one in four voters ballots that way in two, thousand, sixteen separately House Democratic Conference Chairman Hakim Jeffries and representative Ted lieu also cold on the. FBI. To open a criminal probe into joy there is evidence that the postmaster general has a financial stake in multiple financial entities that are either competitors to or contractors for the post office. The lawmakers said trump told reporters outside the White House that he wants to make sure the election is not stolen. Trump who himself plans to cast an absentee ballot by mail in Florida and many other Republicans have opposed an expansion of in voting to accommodate people concerned about going to the polls to vote in person due to fears the pandemic. Trump last Thursday said he was opposing democratic efforts to include funds for the postal service and election infrastructure in Corona virus relief legislation as he aims to block an expansion in mail in voting during the pandemic. Trump said in March that with mailing voting it levels Democrats were seeking. You'd never have a republican elected in this country

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