MLB season now in jeopardy after COVID-19 outbreak hits Miami Marlins


Island. The 2020 major league baseball season could be in jeopardy is worries about an outbreak inside the clubhouse of one team could have spread to another members of the Philadelphia Phillies reported to Citizens Bank Park today not for their scheduled contest against the New York Yankees, but to get tested for covert 19. This comes after nine members of the Marlins active 30 man roster, as well as to taxi squad players and two staff members. All tested positive. There is concern of an outbreak happens with the Phillies that the 2020 season could be in jeopardy. The Filles Yankees game was postponed, as was the Marlins home opener against the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles returned home to Baltimore so that all but assures Tuesday night's game will not be played either. The rest of the big league schedule, however, is set to go on as scheduled

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