Dr. Howard Fullman: COVID, Probiotics, and the Impact of Coronavirus on the Future of Medicine


We're honored to have. Dr Howard J foam and join us to catch up on medicine, practice and politics prevention, and of course a bit about our fight against. COVID nineteen so may we suggest that you pull yourself a double. Sit back and join us on medicine. We're still practicing I'm bill, Curtis. I are host. The quadruple board certified doctor of Internal Medicine Pulmonary Disease Critical Care and neuro critical care. My very good friend Dr Steven Taback, however you, Steve Hey bill good to see you. We haven't had dinner together for a while I. Don't remember what it was like. They actually have dinner and enjoy an evening. So you know we have one of our favorite experts rejoining. Rejoining us today Dr, Howard J. Felman he is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology will learn more about that. In a minute Howard, served a multi decade tenure at Kaiser Permanente Day as partner board member. President of the Executive Committee Chief of staff and chair of the Quality Committee. He supervised forty three hundred staff over five hundred doctors. Howard is now senior operating advisor. Advisor at the Atlantic. Street capital for their medically focused investments Dr Howard J foam. Welcome back I nice to be here. Stephen nicest to us well Hey Howard. Good to see you so last time we met in our studio in Malibu was only back in February and it seems like a whole lifetime ago in quite a year, and we're only halfway through it and we know. Know there's a lot more to come Howard. I hope you'll forgive me, but I took my nasty pill this morning, so I want to dive into a difficult issue, but as the time of this recording according to Johns Hopkins, Japan although infected early has less than one cova death per hundred thousand population, while the US has thirty nine Cova deaths per one hundred thousand population. Japan more elderly per capita than any other country. They kept their borders open during the Wu Han locked down there, stay home requests by Japanese. Government have been voluntary, as was any of the closing of their non essential businesses. And now for a country with one city that houses more than thirty seven million people. They have less than a thousand deaths countrywide, but the hell is going on I. Don't know that anyone knows exactly all of the differences, but I'll give you. Some and I think that may be different. One is there's probably a genetic component to this disease that we don't quite understand. People were speculating. Why was so much more Italy because Italian get together a lot more than others people wonder with net net might have been some genetic predisposition. She decided kind storms for example, another article morbidity in patient population, so age is one thing you're right. Japanese population is actually older than the US. By other commodities like obesity, which is turning out to be a significant risk factor here is unfortunately. It's still a lot more obesity united. States than there is Japan so just because we've sorted out that the age factor may not explain it, but we have some more chronic illness in the United States spend maybe contributing to it as well and then you know the way we've handled. Handled the public health aspect of this and again I also wanted to be very careful about criticism of even the public health system because I'm sure there's a lot of things we look back and could have done differently, but we also have a lot of public health officers. Some extremely courageous ones and I'll say that I think unfortunately a some of our public does not really believe. Believe in this pandemic, the seriousness that they should, and that may be affecting the outcomes as well. There are certain communities as you know. Where substantial numbers of people were having just seemingly significant disregard, and so that might have been large numbers coming in at a just a bowl of people coming in all the ones that saturated the healthcare system made it hard to take care of. Of someone people possibly people coming in later than they should have because perhaps denial about the significance of the Selma's when it is on severe, and it's not be causing a doctor that I. don't WanNa Fault. The nurses and the doctors and rest of just I've seen what they're doing. My follow it very carefully, and I'm very proud of them, but I think because of the. The differences in population and our public health system is not working well is not resigned the way it should be, and there's not functioning in the way that it has been planned to function the

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