The Past, Present, and Future of the US-China Cold War with Tanner Greer - burst 14

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What the current leadership means quite a lot and the people who it doesn't mean a lot to are increasingly -Ly Force out of power or at least forced to shut up. Totally. In so in in this country, you know some people have been comparing sort of what what's happening in terms of the threat to some of the. Civil Liberties is sort of. Reminiscent of Cultural Revolution as people think that's way overblown. I. Would ask you what, what are some comparisons are. Totally overblown and if you and also can you give some color on what's really important understand about the legacy of cultural? Revolution, in light of. This country the United States yes. Yes. So we're talking about are all the statues coming down. How does that compare to the Cultural Revolution? Funny enough. I had a journalist strongly conservative. Newspaper Journal. Email me dubious ago, asking the question I. Tell me how this is? Madison is similar to the Cultural Revolution at I wrote him back letters saying that it. Is Very some more I can just read this paragraph long what I said. So I said quote the trouble is it is not berry similar to the beginnings the coach China's Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution began not facing statues choosing public monuments both a tax on people defaming them publicly physically humiliating them, imprisoning them, torturing them in ultimately killing them tear down statues did not leave the staff mass death led to tearing down statutes depth was part of the program from the beginning. This program was Egged on directed manipulated by a dictator who feared he lost control of what you might think of as the Chinese deep state and existing political class again as a world of difference here from the current environment where the powers that be are deep state are ill will protest sympathizers and the political class provides active cover for the American for the extremes of the movement, all the major institutions of American life or behind this. Major institutions of malice life or more specifically the individuals who man them with the targets of the Cultural Revolution. Finally, the main thrust of the cultural. Revolution. Especially, in its initial stages was dismantling bureaucracies that controlled Chinese live whereas most the thinkers, the animate this current movement say people, AG Ibrahimovic Kennedy Call, for Bass, extensions of administrative control over American lives and most of the long lasting achievements of this movement thus far saved chain hiring policies adopted by firms like JP Morgan gold sacs have been achieved by an administrative. I asked. This movement is one big appeal to management from the beginning the Cultural Revolution was about having drag management on the street and beat them loot. So yeah that's that's my basic take I. I don't think the to obvious similarities right? You have young people who are full of ideological fervor attacking a monuments. Has, lots and lots and lots of movements over history that had those same elements and most of them did not lead to a mass staff total revolution ended up almost ten million people dead by the time it was over I I don't think that's the right template for understanding what's what's going on here there's no dictator on the strings there's no.

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