'Tenet' to open internationally first, in US a week later

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Is a smart move. I know like Chris. Nolan has been pushing. He wants this movie to come out. He wants theatrical experience like people to enjoy the theatrical experience for that not to die like I I. Guess That's motivation and kind of like pushing Warner brothers and here, but on the other hand he's pushing one his hand and it's going. Going to come out internationally a week before it comes out domestically, and probably in some cities like New York and La, maybe it comes out even weeks later. Who knows so? Is that going to just causal a massive strike of piracy? I feel like a lot of people in the US aren't gonNA WANNA. Wait the week and be spoiled from all like the international online conversation. What do you think the? What do you think it could? That massively hurt the film's box office. Yeah, absolutely, it's not just like a piracy thing. I think that even in the rest of the world. People aren't ready to go back to the movies. People aren't ready to go the movies. After the rest of the world gets. Its appeal, the number of people who have willingly happily gone and saw tenant a few six months ago. Half them are Wehrley leaving the house go to get groceries. It is the smart thing to do is to push us on next summer at the I mean even November when I get like you know play little less safe. But no warner, brothers or Christopher Nolan, or what was happening in the conversation? We've been hearing multiple airtime. On, somebody else at us at through an email so i. WanNa say toward right now, but the smart thing to do just a delay indefinitely. Push it into next summer and say we're GONNA sit on this look. People are already. Athlete pushing internationally

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