The Murders of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom - burst 1

Poisonous Minds


If you enjoy stories of true crime, unsolved mysteries and the unknown. then. You came to the right place. Luckily for you I will be retelling stories of all of these things, so grab yourself a seat and let's hit that shit show. Today story takes place in Knoxville Tennessee. In two thousand seven. Shannon Christian was a twenty one year old college student at the University of Tennessee. Shows an Avid Golfer and was studying sociology. She had recently started dating twenty-three-year-old three year old Christopher newsom about two months prior. Chris was a formerly well respected baseball player in his community and worked as a carpenter. The two were smitten with one another and enjoyed spending time together. On the evening of Saturday January six two, thousand seven. They plan to go out for dinner and to watch a movie at Shannon's basketball fans apartment. Shannon called her parents Stephen. Check in to let them know that shoes going to watch a movie and hang out with her friend and that she will be home later. Shannon's parents were starting to become concern when she was not home the next morning and they had learned that Shannon had not shown up for work.

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