A highlight from Congress Won't Save President Trump its up to US

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Your donations are always welcome to keep us on air and keep us going so okay. Let's get into the news. They got a lot of news here for you. Try to summarize them breakdown. Let's get into it today Here january fifth the george elections going on and taking place Loftier and produce new on the republican side. And we don't know how that's going to turn out. I'm gonna just gonna say and i'm just gonna make a prediction right now folks that i think that the democrats being that they've already stole the election all the way throughout the country are going to end up being victorious in the state of georgia so the democrats will control the senate. I just have a feeling I don't know why. I just have a feeling I see everything that's going down than has gone down that this is what it's going to be. Okay let's let's get into what. I want to talk about Situation update for here for january fifth. Twenty twenty one. I've been saying this before on other podcasts. Folks and i'm going to say this right now. Will congress the senate and the house will. Congress betray the president and the answer i believe is yesterday will tomorrow as you know. January six twenty twenty one mike pence who is the president of the senate is supposed to count the votes. He's supposed to count the votes and tally up. All the letters from the all fifty states the united states. What's going to happen. I believe there's there's there's a couple of different angles how this could play now. But what's going to happen. Is that These states the states that are contested michigan pennsylvania. Wisconsin george arizona. Maybe even nevada in there to these states. That are contested folks. What's going to happen. Is that they're supposed to be at least twelve. Senators led by senator ted cruz. And of course there's a bunch of members from the house tons and tons Last i read. They're supposed to be over a hundred theater going to contest this election on behalf of president. Trump saying it's illegal ill legitimate. There's fraud there's nationwide fraud from state to state and at least those five states are more probably more. I don't think the way things are going down that they're going to come through. Let me just give you Some random statistics here. I believe that the us congress is incapable of following the constitution. And i believe that. There's about maybe over ninety percent a members of congress that treasonous criminals who are actively seeking to install the chinese puppet the ccc p. puppet joe biden and the white house. And even if this meant destroying the republic in the process by the end of the day tomorrow. We're likely to see a joe biden and stalled as president or confirmed as president-elect. This will leave america just a couple options Trump number one could drop the epic drop declassified documents that would change the entire game shown biden actually working for the ccp rohan out epstein files that are likely to implicate. Excuse me large numbers of people in congress trump Invokes the insurrection.

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