Dr. Dre to pay $2M in temporary spousal support to estranged wife Nicole Young



You are within the sound of our voices, and you have Been through a divorce, and you had to pay spousal support. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say You are not paying what Dr Dre has to pay. Dr Dre, who right now is suffering. He's in the hospital. I think he's recovering from a brain aneurysm. He probably He probably read the judge's decision. And that's when he had the aneurysm. Actually, I think they were. You know, it started before, but you could be onto something. Get this. He's gotta pay Nicole Young $2 million a month. He has to pay two million a month in spousal support. Can you even begin to it says temporary spousal report. Temporary is what the state of his bank account is is if you ask me, but $2 million For spouses support. Imagine you live a lifestyle. That requires you to pay your wife when you split off from her $2 million a month. You get the money, it says by Monday to cover her home security and other living expenses. It says she'll be responsible for her own legal fees. And they're back in court in April, so between now and then $2 million a month. Is what he has to pay. He's expected to make a full and recovery that they're saying from the aneurysm. That's the good maybe. Does he want to recover? As in 2019? Dr Dre is worth net net. $800 million this. How did he get to be worth that much? It says he's been because people behind the scenes make all the money. The people you see up front. Don't really make all the money. I think he has a clothing line. Then also think about beating. Think about Beats is not about the headphones. That's what made him the most. That's probably the most. He's probably got money and all kinds of different businesses. But in the music industry, it's the people behind the scenes that make all the money the guys up front like they think. At one point, Whitney Houston at her pinnacle was getting like $50, or 50 cents of every CD. Stuff like that, and they make their money on tour. But people like Dre, who's doing the producing, doing all the stuff behind the scenes, they're the ones that make all the money in the industry and then imagine the people that's behind him. What they're making.

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