A highlight from BLM and Antifa Staged Psyop at the Capital Building

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Your donations are always welcome to help. Keep this channel on the air folks. I greatly appreciate it. Okay let's get into some news here. Probably be quick one Here i have a A situation update I just wanted to bring you For january seventh twenty twenty one I just wanna say folks that A lot of people out there. That were watching the Crap if you will and everything that went on in the At the capitol building last night Is they were counting. The electoral votes I just wanna say Just a couple of things about that. First of all it was staged that was not trump supporters. yes there was trump supporters. There yesterday was. There's thousands of thousands or hundreds of thousands trump supporters folks but that was not trump's supporters breaking in to the capitol building into the rotunda and entering into the house and entering into this senate and causing The interruption why they were counting the votes and the had to evacuate Many many many members of congress okay. That's what i want to say. This is this is a false flag. If you will this was antifa and blm both of these groups. The capitol police capital police. And there's other different police departments there. You also have the Washington have the dc police. There is well the local police and then you have the capitol police. That's how it's broken down. Capitol police just defend the The the the capital and all aspects the washington the metro washington dc police. Defense everything else. That's kind of how it's broken down to so in a nutshell they had the Members of the If you will capital police open up the gates. People were opening up pushing and chief. Aw and black lives matter opening up and pushing the gates and so they let them in last night and they gave them access. This is a one hundred and ten percent setup deal. The capitol building yesterday was led by t fund operatives dressed up as trump supporters. Folks all these people that we are seeing on tv. That's giving trump the bad rap. It's giving the trump supporters the bad rap all these people a good majoria them at least broken to the capital are antiga and blm operatives again. They're dressed up there. Dressed up as trump supporters. So how you gonna know. If i if i say make america great again and i put on a red hat. You're not gonna know me how the fuck you gonna know me. The answer is you're not going to know me okay. You're not going to these. People were dressed up. And they they they they infiltrated the if you will the rally that was going on there that the president was calling for an end in infiltrating the rally they were able to pull this off. That's the problem in in. They infiltrated the rally and trump supporters. That the stage is set to justify the betrayal of america's deb's and republicans voted to install. Joe biden is president and then kamala harris is the vice president. You know even after. There's there's ear refutable. Irrefutable evidence folks just one hundred percent. Irrefutable evidence. this election was stolen. It was fraudulent from michigan to wisconsin to pennsylvania to georgia to arizona to nevada. It went on and on and on and on and on. Why am i saying this because there is. That's why i'm saying this. President trump has had this election stolen from him. Because he doesn't play nice with the globalist. He doesn't listen to the globalist.

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