A highlight from 435: Boomer Esiason Has Zero Respect for the CFL; The Many Laughs Jim Shared with John Muckler


Steve warne project. What are you giggling about. I welcome to our show. Allow me to introduce you to it. It's a podcast that goes off every weekday former. Tsn partner steve worn. that's me jim jerome edmonton i'm in ottawa. And we're talking sports and whatever. Today we discuss a guy jimi knew very well over the years former sends an oilers. Gm john mcclure who passed away this week at the age of eighty six. We'll also get into boomer esiason's disks of the canadian football league. How dare you and selling off the names of the four. Nhl divisions is anything really not for sale or. Let's get at it without further delay. James or things man. I'm johnny rodgers. Spent johnny roger montreal nine hundred seventy s quarterback or running back. That's it got the ordinary superstar. Cfl days watching johnny rodgers. I love. I can show you my. I'm sure you don't wanna see it. But my grade. Four school picture in mrs booths classic richmond public school as young. Steve worn posing for his photo wearing his johnny rodgers. Montreal alouette jersey. Which by the way was the best alouette jersey of all time while they ever got away from them. I don't know but yeah. There's a big fan to peter de la riva. Bolivia cough he might have played for. Montreal is the blade. Abc's part of that nfl invasion scout mania on the alouette. Instead i'm going to make a real splash year. Sa- broadened quarterback vince ferragamo. David overstreet fine player kuzin. Oh a bunch of guys from the national football league but as it was where the edmonton oilers scalp time as a cfl owner was also short. Lived right. I was a hamilton tiger. Cats fan steve growing up The cfl never had a team sudbury steve. No no they say. Although by today's standards you know like a year or two ago. I think it's gone for shit now right though there was going to be the Schooners the halifax going to expand member to the atlantic. Schooners are still in the works. Oh it is okay. So i'm assuming they would play in halifax it's the biggest city in the maritimes. So he could get a franchise hundred and fifty thousand people my hometown anyway so i was a hamilton tiger. Cats fan big big fat tommy. Joe coffey stevie. My bringing back. Tommy joe coffey garni hanley garni hanley zueger joe zuniga and That's funny you. Say that. Because i have a job zuber story. I decide for halloween steve. Because i didn't let my mother's pick the outfits anymore. Because she used to send me out as a brownie right. She would would forget to get me a costume. And so i went out and my sister's brownie outfit a couple of years in a row. Okay how. I let her do it more than one year in a row. I don't know because i got absolutely tormented home. All my buddies are dressed up like hockey players and and frigging monsters and wrestlers and everything and then we'd all meet you trigger tree. Then i'd show up but the little town and the skirt and the and the chocolate brown Leotards stevie okay. That was my outfit. So i decided i'm going to do my own outfit my own costume and i went out as joe zueger. Okay for all the we. Yeah just up ahead. A little football helmet the shoulder pads. I think he's my hockey shoulder. Pads and i bet you didn't try to bet you didn't feel nearly as pretty though no i didn't feel nearly as pretty no i did. Yeah it was man kind of miss the brownie outfit. Tokay i get my helmet. And i get some gold nail polish. Okay i think from my mom or of somewhere. And i put joe zueger on the helmets. Stevie with his number and off i go.

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