One Struum to Rule Them All


The us. Federal bureau of investigation is quote accepting tips and digital media depicting rioting or violence in and around the us capitol on january sixth. Submissions can be made at fbi dot gov slash us capital. That's capitol spelled with an o cnn sources. Say the us state department told us diplomats to pause posting on social media a measure normally taken after a terrorist attack or major natural disaster and facebook will block the president's use of facebook and instagram for a minimum of two weeks. Twitter suspended the president's personal account for twelve hours and warned further violations would bring a permanent suspension twitch disabled the president's account snapchat locked the president's account indefinitely and shop affi- took stores run by the trump organization and trump campaign off line for violating their policy on supporting organizations that promote violence. Japan's nec says it has developed facial recognition that works for people wearing facial coverings. The system uses the visible parts of the face like the eyes and claims and accuracy rate of ninety nine point. Nine percents with verification. Less than one second nec is testing the new system at a shop in its tokyo headquarters and he sees at neo face. Live facial recognition is used by the london metro. Police lufthansa the airline and swiss international airlines as well the wi fi alliance launched the wi fi six e certification program. That opens the door for devices to us six gigahertz band wi fi. Six is fully compatible with wifi six and can support up to seven hundred sixty megahertz channels at once only using the latest. Wpa three security protocol on the band. Idc estimates three hundred thirty eight million wi fi. Six e devices will enter the market this year with twenty percent of all wi fi six devices supporting sixty by twenty twenty two. If you want a little more on wi fi six and six each account no little more dot com acis as the suggested retail price for its components like motherboards in graphics cards in the us the increased cost comes as waivers on us tariffs against chinese made goods of seven point five to twenty five percent expired on december thirty first. An example is the are og strikes or s. t. r. i x. l. c. radio on our sixty eight hundred x t which launched at eight hundred ninety nine dollars. Ninety nine cents now listed at one thousand seventy nine so prices going up folks. Keep tiktok has a new augmented reality filter that uses the iphone. Twelve pro lite are sensor gives you a confetti effect that looks like real confetti in your room seems a little but tiktok promises to develop more innovative effects in two thousand twenty one so look out for more than just confetti snapchat added support for. Apple's light are censored back in october that lets creators build their own enhanced filters for snapchat. Well y'all ca es does not actually begin until monday but that is not going to stop lots of companies from making their announcements happens every year and this year is no different so we'll start with samsung. The company announced galaxy chromebook to a thirteen point three inch to in one chrome os device sporting q. Led display that starts at five hundred forty nine dollars. That's way down from nine hundred ninety nine dollars. The first gen device started at the base model offers a ten. Th gen intel seller on processor four gigs of ram and sixty four gigs of storage. And i three equipped version with aching ram and one hundred twenty eight. Gigs of storage starts at six hundred ninety nine. Lg introduced five new models in their thin and light lg graham laptop lineup ranging from fourteen to seventeen inch thinner vessels around there sixteen ten ratio screens as well as eleven th gen. Intel processors z. Graphics and up to sixteen gigabytes of lpddr four x memory. Lg the graham. Seventeen graham sixteen and graham. Sixteen to and one i'll offer nineteen and a half hours of battery life. The graham seventeen weighs in at one point three kilograms while the lightest graham. Fourteen comes in at nine hundred ninety nine grams. No word on price or availability. Well my new car set in stone. Everybody i'm only partially spends six inch hyper screen. Displays that display the e. s. electric sedan is set for production for mercedes and late twenty twenty one so later this year leno. If you got one ordered already. The hyper screen is at the heart of the company's second gen m b. u. x. infotainment system which doesn't have any buttons and is completely digital and worst controls one of the signs that has started. You get huge screens and cars last few years

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