California Flooded With COVID Cases as Los Angeles County Sees Cases Double in Last Month


An influx of covert 19 patients in California is stretching hospitals and healthcare workers to their limits. Rachel Raquel Maria Dylan of member station KQED reports, officials say it could be an early sign of a post Christmas surge. The rate of coronavirus tests coming back positive over the past seven days in California has jumped to 14%. L. A County public health officials say the number of cases there doubled in the past month and past 800,000 on Saturday. Hospitals across the state are bracing for a spike in new cases following the holidays. Intensive care unit availability was at 0% in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley this weekend in the San Francisco Bay area. ICU capacity fell to 5.1%. That means all but the northern stretches of the state are below the 15% threshold. It would allow a gradual

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