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A lot of news about one of the best players his franchise has ever seen, Um Yeah. So Well what? Check with traffic real quick. And then on the other side with John back with you. Okay, It's big Alan Jo Jo on K away news radio waiting for him to throw it to traffic. Oh, it starts to traffic there, Big Al And now let's take a look at the traffic with John Morrissey was It looked like up there, John. There you go out there putting a ribbon, big guy Griffin living way We've got ourselves a really tough drive you this afternoon. Are they cleared the crash of a slowing you down getting up into the mountains on I 70 westbound I 70 west of C 4 70 that crashes cleared. You're still slow from C 4 70. If you're going to take to 85 up into the mountains this afternoon, you want to know this to 85 is closed between just west of Grant. And fair play because of low visibility, winter driving conditions and a ton of wind. Got some debris in your way on westbound six down, you said they dropped a palette in the middle of westbound Sixth Avenue ad. Wadsworth. Your tires were not like that. If you hit it also gotta stall north and I 25 in Alameda, the downtown driving the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center is toast. This is a semi that broke down in the left lane, North bound Alameda causing problems and Logan is still closed. From Yale to Amherst. Because of a bad crash. Fox 31 pin Boy, Whether 20 overnight 43 tomorrow 46 on Sunday. It's 44 right now, this reporter sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance where you only pay for what you need.

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