Much locked down for Biden's inauguration. It's usually a festive event here in D. C.


Of the national mall is closed and the inauguration ceremony itself will be smaller than usual. That disappoints House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Obviously, we're excited about nominating a new president of the United States. But, she says, What will not be different is the oath. Joe Biden takes SOCCER Megane Washington I'm to McGuire PAY P NEWS. President elect Joe Biden is filling out his State Department team with a group of former career diplomats and veterans of the Obama administration. Wendy Sherman is the pick for deputy secretary of state, while Victoria Nuland is slotted to be undersecretary of state for political affairs, those of the 2nd and 3rd highest ranking posts at the State Department, Sherman led the Obama administration's negotiations leading to the Iran nuclear deal and was also involved in talks with North Korea during President Bill Clinton's second term. Newland served as an assistant secretary of state for European affairs during the Ukraine crisis. Biden since the team with Anthony Blinken, as secretary of state embodies his core belief that America is strongest when it works with allies and we'll use the diplomatic experience and skill

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